How we work - Blend for Better


Blend for Better sets out our Group’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, building on deeply held values to define our current commitment: to not only produce top-quality coffee, but to do so in a sustainable way that integrates the principles of sustainability in all processes. This means looking at value creation in a fresh light, one in which corporate decisions take social and environmental factors into account, as well as economic ones.


Blend for Better embraces the responsibility shouldered by the Company and its brands in relation to sustainability, taking the form of a commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, and of a wide-ranging programme of activities, divided into four distinct areas:

Care for the environment, Spin a virtuous cycle,

Open up opportunities, Educate for change.


At Lavazza Group we blend the values, experiences and sustainability-related activities that we develop through our brands, our products and our non-profit Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation, to generate shared value throughout society, from coffee-producing communities to employees and consumers.

The Blended Orchestra

Not only have we given our commitment to sustainability its own title, Blend For Better, we’ve also dedicated an artistic manifesto to it in the form of a soundtrack: the notes of the Blended Orchestra are the perfect accompaniment to a unique journey of discovery into the projects we have been pursuing since 2004, including through our Foundation, from which over 136,000 coffee-growers in 20 countries and 3 continents now benefit.


An orchestra is just like a blend, a fusion of individual components that contribute to a harmonious whole: blending sounds to make music, blending tastes to create coffee.


And to expand this comparison, we’ve worked with the help of DJ, beatmaker and producer Mace to create unique musical instruments starting from materials with a connection to coffee and to our projects. These instruments, which are played together in the Blended Orchestra, set our commitment to its own melody.

The Textile Harp, inspired by the textiles made by women training to become agricultural entrepreneurs in Guatemala; the Glockenspoon, inspired by the spoons used in the professional training courses of the A Cup of Learning project; and the Marimba Pluviale, crafted using wood from the 100,000 hectares of Amazon forest protected thanks to the Madre de Dios project in Peru: these are just some of the “impossible instruments” created using materials with a special connection to a project promoted or supported by the Lavazza Foundation. Also participating in this musical project in addition to Mace, as mentioned above, are Maurizio Capone, Ricky Verano, Giancarlo Parisi and Moonari, under the artistic direction of Vittorio Cosma.

These musical instruments will accompany us to the countries where we operate, on a journey where sustainability and social responsibility are the heroes, to express “how we work” and Blend For Better in music.



The Sustainability Report

The document that reports our sustainability path, reflecting our worldwide commitment through our main companies.






The Sustainability Manifesto and the SDGS

The document that sets out our commitment to integrating sustainability in all of our activities and strategies.






Diversity and inclusion

These are the promises that we as a Group have made to all our People, from those who work in the communities where we are present, to each and every one of our collaborators, with the goal of becoming a Gap-Free company.






The communities

Activities engaging the communities where we operate and creating a positive impact on a social, economic and environmental level.






The environment

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.






The People

The actions and programmes that help our People grow




Our stories

The projects and initiatives that we develop

with an innovative and responsible approach.