In 2022, our Group reported revenues of € 2.7 billion, an increase of +17.6% compared to 2021, confirming the solidity of the business.


The 2022 results are a significant milestone for the Group and a springboard for tackling another complex and challenging year.

Business Highlights
<p style="color:#2a2a2a; text-align:center">Revenues of €2.7 billion</p> +

Revenues of €2.7 billion

An increase of 17.6% on the 2021 result.

<p style="color:#2a2a2a">EBITDA stands at € 309 million</p> +

EBITDA stands at € 309 million

In line with that of 2021 (312 million euros). EBITDA margin is 11.4%.

<p style="color:#2a2a2a">Net profit: €95 million<p> +

Net profit: €95 million

These figures are in line with last year’s results and confirm the solidity of the Group, with a positive net financial position of €136 million.


At geographical level, sales by value are up in the Retail channel in Germany (+18.1%), the United States (+14.1%) and Poland (+28%); Italy and France, our most important markets, also returned to growth of 1.5% and 6.1% respectively.


Despite the challenging macroeconomic scenario, our Group’s turnover is growing in all channels.  In the Home channel (domestic consumption), the volume of sales rose +2% on the previous year (in contrast with a fall in the Home coffee market). In the Out-Of-Home channel, on the other hand, the positive effect of the +26% increase in volume resulted in an increase in turnover growth.


The Beans segment continued to grow during the year and proved to be the most dynamic on the market: looking at the 15 main geographical areas in which we operate, the segment reported a +1.4% increase in market share vs 2021. In this growing segment, our Group gained 1.5 percentage points in market share as a result of 12% growth vs 2021.


In the Single Serve segment (coffee capsules), which remains the most competitive, we continue to implement our launch plan for aluminium capsules.

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