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At Lavazza Group, we have a wide range of offerings, for consumption both at home and out of home, distributed through all sales channels: Retail, Foodservice, Office Coffee Service (OCS) and Vending. 

We have a strong presence, offering the most suitable solutions to all consumers and clients, whatever the occasion and whatever the time of day.







Within domestic consumption, the Lavazza Group holds an important position in many key markets, such as Italy (with the Lavazza brand); France (with the Carte Noire brand); Denmark and the Baltic countries (with Merrild); and Canada (with Kicking Horse).


The products it offers, which are tailored to each country, include coffee beans and ground coffee — for espresso, moka pot or filter — as well as coffee pods, instant coffee, ready-to-drink products and coffee capsules for the most commonly used home coffee systems in the world, capable of satisfying all consumers’ taste needs.


In addition to its ubiquitous presence in large-scale retail and specialised outlets, the Group also markets its products for home consumption through Nims. Having joined the Group in 2017, Nims supplies its clients with coffee directly to their homes, as well as offering a prompt and reliable warranty and assistance service, thanks to a network of personal coffee shoppers who create a relationship of trust with their own clients. 


Finally, products from the Group’s brands can also be purchased online, thanks to an advanced e-commerce platform, with online shops that can be accessed directly on each brand’s website, as well as a presence on large marketplace platforms, and on online channels of leading retailers.







Hotel, Restaurant, Café


The Lavazza Group offers professionals in the field dedicated products and tailored solutions for every type of service and every coffee preparation method.

The quality of every cup is guaranteed by offering a selection of professional coffee machines, specific serving materials and communication tools that give value to every aspect of this ritual.


The Lavazza Training Center supports our clients’ activities every day with programmes of theory-based training and operational consultancy thanks to a team of specialists who operate in accordance with the international standards of excellence set by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).


In addition to coffee, the offering is completed by complementary products, such as beverages like chocolate, ginseng, orzo, tea, infusions and granitas.





In this channel, the Lavazza brand has its own stores and franchises, which allow it to build a direct relationship with the consumer.

The Lavazza Flagship stores offer a complete and immersive coffee experience, where every method of preparation is rightfully appreciated, from the traditional espresso to the more surprising world of Coffee Design. The first Flagship store was opened in Milan in 2017, while September 2021 saw the opening of a new store in a historic building in the heart of London, right in front of the iconic Liberty store on Great Marlborough Street.


Another key market where coffee consumption has a great deal of potential that has yet to be fulfilled is China. Last year, the Lavazza Group and Yum China — the largest restaurant company in China in terms of total sales in 2020 — entered into a joint venture to explore and develop the concept of the Italian coffee bar in China, opening their first retail outlet in Shanghai. Today, the joint venture aims to open 1,000 Lavazza coffee bars in China by 2025, as well as to distribute and market Lavazza’s retail products, thus becoming the Group’s exclusive distributor in mainland China.






Office Coffee Service (OCS)

and Vending

In order to guarantee our consumers an excellent cup of coffee wherever they go, we have developed specific solutions for consuming coffee in different contexts.

With over thirty years of experience in coffee capsule systems and automatic distribution, in recent years the Group has strengthened its presence in the world of B2B, thanks to its acquisition of French company, ESP (Espresso Service Proximité), of Australian company, Blue Pod, and of the Lavazza Professional business, which operates in many strategic markets for the Group: USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan. This is a business area that requires advanced technological and service skills, in order to guarantee its consumers an excellent cup of coffee wherever they go.


Office Coffee Service (OCS) - Offices

We devote particular care to workplaces, and especially offices, with an offering that includes a broad selection of coffee capsules and other beverages so that all consumers can enjoy their favourite product every day. This is in addition to a range of stylish coffee machines for manual use, suitable for any environment. This channel features systems with cutting-edge technology, including: Lavazza Firma, which brings all the variety of a café into the office, with a highly professional service for supplies and assistance; Flavia from Lavazza Professional, with its hallmark Freshpack technology to prevent contamination between one drink and the next, and which can offer both hot and cold beverages as well as frothing fresh milk, thanks to its innovative Odyssey 600 coffee machine with the Odyssey Cold module; and Lavazza Expert, designed for the North American market, which offers espresso, filter coffee and milk-based beverages. The service for supplies and assistance is offered by a network of carefully selected partners. A rich and varied offering, ideal for offices of any size and any number of employees. 

Vending – Public venues

Airports, stations, universities, factories, large companies, hospitals: no matter how large the building or how many people flow through it, we are able to make our products available everywhere.

A high-quality cup of coffee is guaranteed thanks to the use of free-standing and table-top automatic coffee machines, which are able to bring out the sensory characteristics of a wide range of blends developed specifically for this channel. Completing the offering is a special range of coffee beans with distinctive characteristics. The Group offers products and services under the Lavazza Blue brand and the Klix brand, for Lavazza Professional, which has become a benchmark in sustainability through its Eco Cups: fully recyclable and compostable paper cups, whose environmental impact is over 63% lower than that of other coffee machines that use plastic cups.


Other activities

Not just coffee: our cultural, artistic

and culinary initiatives.