What we do



We make coffee. And we make it with the passion and skill that have always marked us out, at every stage of the process, from the choice and selection of origins to the final result in the cup.


Every year, we purchase more than 200,000 tonnes of coffee of over 100 different qualities. Our teams of buyers and tasters constantly visit coffee-producing countries to ensure that the raw material meets the quality standards set by the Group, in terms of both the bean’s perfection and the sensory profile. The coffee selected is roasted and ground to maximise the nuanced tastes and aromas that define each origin.


Throughout the development of services and products — including coffee and coffee machines for each brand — attention is fully focused on quality, thanks to the rigorous checks in place at every stage of the process, from supplier selection to production.  Moreover, every new blend or single-origin coffee is tasted personally by members of the Lavazza family, who bring over 120 years of knowledge and experience in coffee-making to their assessment. Only after their approval and a careful process of production, checks and packaging will the coffee be ready for sale, offering that exceptional taste experience that characterises all of our products.





Our brands

Different brands, brought together by leadership and a culture of quality.






Our businesses

All the sales channels in which we operate. 






Other activities

Not just coffee: our cultural, artistic and culinary initiatives.




Who we are

A global Pure Premium Coffee Company with Italian roots,

at the forefront of the global coffee market.