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In this place, with this partner, disadvantaged people receive support for entering the labor market


An open place full of stories, tastes and diversity that blend together: this is MagazziniOz, a project of the CasaOz association, where training is offered to help people who have disabilities and experience disadvantaged conditions enter the labor market.



The partnership


We have been partners with CasaOz and MagazziniOz for 16 years. A collaboration born under the sign of excellence and social responsibility, which has been consolidated over time and further implemented through two projects: the creation of the Lavazza cafeteria inside MagazziniOz and the "Il mio posto nel mondo" (My Place in the World) project, a professional skills training initiative developed with the Lavazza Training Center. Thanks to the expertise of our trainers, we teach what there is to know to become well-rounded coffee professionals: not only observation, but also firsthand practice of the profession of the barista, or the taster.

In its three years of activity, the project has involved nearly 40 people with disabilities who have been able to train and put themselves to the test through workshops, internships, and training experiences. Thanks to "Il mio posto nel mondo", seven people are now working at MagazziniOz as permanent employees, while six others have been placed in companies in the area.


“The collaboration with Lavazza has enabled and enables our boys and girls to pursue an educational path of excellence”, highlighted Enrica Baricco, President of CasaOz.

Moreover, in 2022, the Lavazza Foundation supported the “Percorsi lavorativi verso una vita indipendente” (Work Paths Toward Independent Living) project, an initiative aimed at fostering the employment of people in disadvantaged situations through specialized internships, with a view to building a path to citizenship.

The secrets of LatteArt

A day of training to share the secrets of Latte Art, a decoration technique that consists of creating designs with milk foam on the surface of the drink. The initiative took place in the halls of the Lavazza Training Center in Settimo: to hold the Masterclass, two world champions of this discipline, Manuela Fensore and Carmen Clemente, offered to spend a day of training with the kids of MagazziniOz. An opportunity enthusiastically accepted by the cooperative and the boys and girls. Because a cappuccino can become both a work of art and a tool for training and inclusion.