Coffee Study Program



A journey from Turin to the Dominican Republic to discover sustainable coffee.



The project

Coffee Study Program is a journey from Turin to the Dominican Republic to gain hands-on experience of the measures and good practice that can improve the impact of coffee production on the environment and on communities. 

An expedition to discover sustainable coffee, our commitment towards the land and the farmers and our support for local organisations involved in the production processes.

Four young people and 12,000 hectares of nature

The Coffee Study Program involved four young students from different countries who share the same vision of a sustainable future, selected in collaboration with the SDSN Youth Association. They are all studying different degree programmes but share the same objective: looking after our planet.

The students

Rebecca Lucas

She was born in America 26 years ago and attends TUFTS University. Her interests include agriculture and urban planning. The Coffee Study Program was an unforgettable experience for her.


Jia Yi Ye

She’s Italian and is 24 years old. She studies international development and social entrepreneurship at the University of Wageningen. She learnt something new at every stop of this journey.


Kanika Joshi

At only 24 years old, she is interested in food safety and urban communities. She is Indian and goes to Teri University. Coffee Study Program was an opportunity she couldn’t miss.


Stuart Akua

Born in Uganda 25 years ago, he studies public

health and social entrepreneurship at Cavendish 

University Uganda. Through the Coffee Study Program,

he spent 15 memorable days better

understanding the world of sustainable coffee.




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