At the time, blends for domestic consumption did not yet exist. As a result, the taste of coffee was unpredictable and varied depending on where it was sourced and on the year. Thanks to his studies in the field of chemistry and his passion for the product, Luigi created blends with more balanced tastes, which were able to satisfy the different needs of the market: the result was a beverage that gained immediate success. In 1922, Luigi acquired the Eureka, a machine that could roast 12 kg of coffee in a single cycle. This marked another significant step forward in the gradual transformation of the small coffee store into a family-run company, which would officially be established in 1927.


Since the very beginning, its innovative approach became the company's distinctive trait. Following on from his inspiration to create blends, Luigi began to use new packaging materials. He was the first to use Pergamin for coffee: an oil-proof paper that preserved the fragrance of the product for longer, over which he applied the name Lavazza, making the product more recognisable.