How we work

The People




We are people proud of our professional paths,  open to change, and free to look far into the future, each of us with our own identity. 

We love coffee, in all its forms. We enjoy surprising our consumers with unique experiences, prepared with passion. 


Together, we are working to build a global Group with ambitious goals: to give value to society and establish long-lasting relationships based on trust and respect. 






We foster a working environment that protects individuals, their quality of life and that of their families. We design our workspaces and manufacturing plants to offer the highest standards of safety, well-being and inclusion. All of our world-wide sites embody the values of our Brands: quality, attention to detail, innovation and creativity, beauty and well-being.


We believe in a work-life balance, and involve our employees in developing initiatives based on the Global Sustainable Goals, because we aspire to build a better future for the environment and for people.






Our long history has taught us that success springs from passion, creativity, and the unique individuality of every person belonging to our far-reaching “coffee family”.


This is part of the reason why we are committed to cultivating relationships destined to stand the test of time, offering opportunities for growth in a global and multi-faceted Group that operates in all distribution channels and pursues constant innovation in its products and services, while aiming for excellence and top quality throughout the entire value chain.


We instil passion for our products, for our brands, and for digital evolution through training and development programmes. We put sustainability at the heart of all our engagement programmes. 

We identify the best international partnerships to develop leadership, networking and innovation.


We are mindful of creating an experience based on transparency, relationships, and participation in the growth of the Group for all involved.






Our focus on people is reflected in the relationships that we cultivate with all those who work with us and the communities where we operate. 


Every day, we strive to engage more and more people in our sustainability programmes, in relationships with coffee-producers, in sharing educational programmes on the product and its methods of cultivation, and in promoting economic and social development initiatives.


Throughout our long history, we have experienced times of difficulty, and have overcome them with creativity, passion and skill, while contributing significantly to the creation of a prosperous future for all.


We firmly believe that working actively towards sustainable development provides a major opportunity for growth and fulfilment. 


Our goal is the creation of a rediscovered humanity, because we are genuine, passionate and responsible people who value a long-term perspective.

The results of this approach are demonstrated not only by economic and industrial triumphs, but also in the reputation that our Group enjoys on the global business stage and in the recognition we have received, especially thanks to our HR's constant commitment to creating a working environment that protects people and the quality of their lives.


Creating a strong sense of belonging by giving centrality to people, valuing diversity, promoting inclusion: these are the objectives of our organization model based on shared and future-oriented values.


A winning model that has resulted in our obtaining Top Employer certification in 2024 in Italy and the UK from the Top Employers Institute, the global body that certifies corporate HR excellence. In addition to this certification, our Kicking Horse brand and Lavazza Denmark were both recognised as “Best Workplaces” in the ranking drawn up by Great Place to Work, the company that analyses work environments and surveys personnel to assess the employee experience.

The Sustainability Report

The document that reports on our sustainability path, reflecting our worldwide commitment through our main companies.