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Our Group encompasses the global brand of Lavazza, as well as the Carte Noire, Kicking Horse and Merrild brands, all market leaders in their respective countries, brought together by a shared devotion to quality while retaining their own distinctive characteristics and personalities. 





Lavazza, our Group’s global brand, is synonymous with authentic Italian coffee all over the world - a symbol of conviviality, quality and of the Italian way of life. Its history stretches all the way back to 1895, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Luigi Lavazza, the inventor of the art of blending. 


The market’s historic leader in Italy, where it has consolidated its position in large-scale distribution, Lavazza is present in all business areas — at home, outside the home and in the office — with its dedicated products and solutions. It can also rely on the excellent reputation and renown of its brand in all of the most strategically relevant markets, thanks in part to its unwavering dedication in the area of sustainability. 


An innovator in the field of communication, the Lavazza brand has developed its global identity over the years through partnerships in the world of top gastronomy, sport and culture.


The brand that deals with sustainability, taste and well-being, offering experiences that extend far beyond the pleasure of excellent espresso. 

Carte Noire

Carte Noire, the ultimate symbol of French coffee, is the leading coffee brand in the retail market in France, where it has won widespread recognition from its very beginnings for its extremely high-quality coffee. Thanks to the vision of its founder, René Monnier, Carte Noire has stood out since 1978 for the sophistication of its blends, as well as for being the first player on the French market to offer 100% Arabica products.


In a country famous for its appreciation of high-quality wine and cuisine, Monnier succeeded in elevating coffee to the same status through innovative communication inspired by the world of cinema.


Today, Carte Noire is the top brand in terms of penetration in the French coffee market. A perfect brand for our Group, which it joined in 2016.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse was born in 1996 in Invermere (British Columbia), surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, where founders Elana Rosenfeld and Leo Johnson dreamt of creating an innovative roasting facility. They began an artisanal business, experimenting with the art of roasting and blending coffee grown with strictly natural methods. Over time, the brand intentionally focused on sourcing more organic and fair-trade coffee beans. Today, Kicking Horse Coffee offers a wide product range certified all organic and fairtrade.


Kicking Horse is currently the market leader for organic coffee in North America, while in Canada it has earned the accolade of “most trusted brand”, according to the Gustavson Brand Trust index 2023. It joined our Group in 2017. 


Merrild was created in Denmark, from the passion of Møller Merrild. In 1964, a desire to improve the coffee blends available on the market drove this entrepreneur to open a small roasting facility in Fredericia, a town overlooking the North Sea. 


His research led to the development of high-quality recipes with unmistakable tastes, some of which remain unchanged to this very day. This brought the brand to grow into the leader of the coffee market in Denmark and the Baltic countries. This leadership role is also mirrored in the brand’s intensive efforts in the field of social sustainability. 


Sharing the focus on quality that distinguishes our Group, Merrild joined us in 2015. 

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