A passion for excellence and shared values: Lavazza and Royal Ascot

The thunder of hooves on grass, the extravagant hats of the spectators, the aroma of coffee wafting through the air of the English countryside: welcome to Ascot, the world's most famous racecourse, where our global brand, Lavazza, feels right at home.


It is here that every year, for five consecutive days, Royal Ascot takes place, an event that embodies the typically British ability to create iconic and timeless traditions, in this case, combining the adrenaline of horse racing with timeless rituals.


The partnership between Ascot and Lavazza is built on the shared passion for excellence and the desire to offer sports enthusiasts a unique experience: a setting where our finest blends add a touch of Italian flair, thanks to a collaboration that has bound us to this exclusive place for years.

The history

The racecourse, just a stone's throw from Windsor Castle in Berkshire, was built in 1711 by Queen Anne, who believed the flat 72 acres of the property were ideal for horse racing. Since then, descendants of the royal family have never missed the main equestrian event held every year at the beginning of summer, considered one of the most prestigious events on the English social calendar, with an audience exceeding 300,000 people.

The Lavazza Experience


The racecourse is open year-round and, in addition to Royal Ascot, hosts fifteen other racedays as well of other private and public. On all these occasions, in our permanent refreshment points - such as the Tierra Bar and the Lavazza on 4 restaurant - we offer our impeccable service and an extensive menu of coffee experiences, along with a new dedicated Lavazza Martini cart offering our vodka and coffee reinterpretation of the iconic cocktail.

Lavazza and sport

The partnership with Royal Ascot is part of a broader, high-level sports collaboration. Wimbledon was, in fact, the event that marked our entry into the world of major tennis, later extending to other Grand Slam tournaments, the Nitto ATP Finals, and other important Masters competitions. In the United Kingdom, we are also partners with both the women's and men's football teams at Arsenal, with whom we share the values of excellence and innovation.