Coffee Sapiens:

a book to learn about coffee.



Using his Sapiens method, Ferran Adrià

aims to gain a complete understanding of every aspect of western gastronomy.


Now, with the help of Lavazza, it’s time for coffee.



Since 2015, when the elBulli Foundation was established, Ferran Adrià has dedicated most of his time to research. His aim is to inspire creativity in all sectors, using the language of cuisine. In order to succeed in this challenge, Adrià has taken on another, even greater one: a monumental collection of books that aspires to describe every aspect of western gastronomy.


Bullipedia explores every topic concisely yet thoroughly, using the Sapiens method. 


With the collaboration of experts in various areas, the Sapiens method links together all of the information essential to in-depth understanding of a given topic. This is how the first three volumes of the collection, focusing on Wines, Soft Drinks and Cocktails, came to be.


This variety of perspectives was fundamental to the creation of the Coffee Sapiens volume, an in-depth exploration written in collaboration with the University of Pollenzo, to understand coffee beyond the limits of the espresso cup. This represented a natural development in the course of Ferran’s research, given his long-standing interest in the potential of the drink.


In 2000, Ferran Adrià was one of the world’s most influential chefs and became our brand ambassador. Twenty years later, we've come together to tell you everything we know about coffee: how it emerged, the ways in which it has evolved, what it represents for western culture and how to give it its due respect. Whether you are an industry professional, a connoisseur or simply have an interest in the topic, this book will enrich your understanding of coffee.

Ferran Adrià

“The journey I began together with Lavazza over 20 years ago led me to push back the limits of experimentation, driving my desire to analyse every aspect of this product through the lens of the Sapiens method”.


Chef, food philosopher, total innovator: Ferran Adrià has been one of the most influential figures in world cuisine for over 20 years.


Our collaboration began in 2000, when we set an important new trend, Coffee Design, thanks to which coffee was officially admitted to the world of top-level gastronomy.


Included by Time magazine among its 100 most influential people in the world, holding several honorary degrees, in recent years Adrià has radically altered the world of contemporary haute cuisine.