Care’s – The Ethical Chef Days

Sustainability and haute cuisine: our partnership with the festival dedicated to food ethics


The partnership between Lavazza and Care’s


Taking care of the environment, nature and the land. In other words: Care’s. This is the name of the Ethical Chef Days project that combines high gastronomy and sustainability. Since 2016, with our global brand Lavazza, we have been partners in this project, with which we share the values of sustainability and proper management of resources in the food and wine sector. These are also the inspiring principles that guide the chef who created Care's, our Brand Ambassador Norbert Niederkofler, who has chosen to end his refined menus with the authentic taste of true Italian espresso from Lavazza. This collaboration is part of the Blend for Better communication platform, which speaks to our and our brands’ commitment to generate shared value for society, people and the environment. 

The stage in Salina

After many editions at high altitude in the Dolomite mountains, Care's is proposed in an unprecedented three-stage version: first in Venice (from 14 to 16 October 2022), then climbing to Plan de Corones in South Tyrol (from 3 to 5 March), and finally in Sicily on the island of Salina (from 25 to 27 May), far from the natural mountain habitat of chef Niederkofler.


We are present at the initiative again this year, as event partner and official coffee, between the crystal-clear sea and the lush nature of this Sicilian Island: an extraordinary area where we can promote respect for the environment by recovering culinary traditions, reorganizing the production chain and eliminating waste. An exploration of this pearl of the Aeolian Islands to discover the principles that govern the sustainability of the island and the values also shared by Lavazza Foundation projects.


To Care's Salina we bring the La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Cuba blend, which combines product excellence, respect for the environment and attention to social issues. All La Reserva de ¡Tierra blends! contain beans from areas and communities involved in social responsibility projects promoted and managed by our Foundation.

The bond with Top Gastronomy

Since the beginning of the new millennium, thanks to the collaboration with Ferran Adrià, we have started to look at coffee with different eyes, giving life to a path that we have then developed with our Training Center and continued with the collaboration of some of the greatest chefs on the international scene, including Carlo Cracco and Davide Oldani. The common thread of all experiments is the indispensable prerequisite of quality, always and in any case. This long path of collaborations and experimentation also includes Lavazza's long-standing partnership with Care's. Because our choices are the main weapon to defend good, accessible and low environmental impact food.