The Lavazza Group supports the “Off the Record” exhibition at New York’s Guggenheim Museum

15-04-2021 • EVENTS

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A newspaper article, a certificate, a photograph displayed in a museum: documents, particularly those formalised by the state, can often create an impression of objectivity and neutrality around any given narrative. They do this even when the reality can be seen in an entirely different light, as revealed by the Off the Record exhibition that recently opened at New York’s Guggenheim Museum, with the support of the Lavazza Group.


In keeping with its constant pursuit of authenticity and sincerity, Lavazza is proud to make a contribution to the debate around history and the ways in which it is preserved and passed down in the form of this major exhibit, which tackles the theme of relativism in an intelligent and thought-provoking way.


Off the Record features the work of 13 established artists — including Carrie Mae Weems, Hank Willis Thomas and Sara Cwynar — who question the way in which official documents, the media and advertising influence our culture and our perception of “truth”, challenging the idea that the act of recording reality can itself be completely unambiguous and neutral.



This exhibit represents an original approach to a topic that is particularly dear to Lavazza. In fact, remaining authentic and true to one’s roots is one of the key values that the Group shares with the mission of these artists, who use their work to help shed light on the dynamics at the heart of our understanding of reality.


The paintings, images and assemblages on display not only describe how documents contribute to the formation of popular culture, but also prove that the very act of preserving such documents is never neutral, but a reflection of the most fundamental values of their custodians. With their refusal to accept the innocence of “official” documents, these works of art seek instead to show how great their power is: moulding our memories and shaping how people understand the world around them.






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