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For the last 128 years, our story has been about passion for coffee and quality. A passion we continue to develop “in our own way”, with an entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to innovate, and a sense of responsibility to people, communities, and the environment.


Our tradition expresses the essence of real Italian coffee, which isn’t just a drink, but an experience we bring to the whole world, driven upwards and onwards by the professionalism and energy of our collaborators, who are the true strength of the Group.


We recently developed our new Lavazza Group Code of Ethics, confirming the basic principles that underpin our way of doing business. We envision a future increasingly oriented towards the creation of widespread value, shaped by our values, our story and our identity.


This heritage has given us the strength to face difficult times - the pandemic and its consequences, inflation, the raw materials crisis - and we will continue to do so with determination and courage.


Ours is a great global Group with everything it needs to look to the future with confidence. It has strong values and a family that supports and protects them. It has the resources and leadership to manage complexity while continuing to look ahead to the coming recovery. Above all, it knows it can count on people with the ability and the determination to rise to any challenge.


I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the Lavazza Group team and, above all, to the people who choose our products and services every day, rewarding our history and projecting it into the future.


I wish you all a 2023 full of dreams, serenity and success.



Alberto Lavazza
Lavazza Group Chairman