Training and coffee culture: a new agreement with the Basque Culinary Center

22-03-2024 • NEWS

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Coffee is a key component of Spanish culinary tradition. To explore and promote this aspect of Iberian culture, a new partnership has been launched between our global Lavazza brand and the Basque Culinary Center, an international gastronomy ecosystem that combines education of next generations of Food Service channel, Top Gastronomy promotion and innovation, based in San Sebastian in the Basque Country.


The aim of the collaboration is to teach professionals who are training to work in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry more about the processes of growing, selecting and transforming coffee. The Basque Culinary Center is considered a benchmark for training talented people in this field, but also a place to experiment and reflect on issues around food.


 An international gastronomy ecosystem that combines education of next generations of Food Service channel, Top Gastronomy promotion and innovation


The partnership


The research centre’s Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences is at the core of the collaboration. Here, students undergo rigorous training, ranging from a degree in culinary arts to master’s courses and specialisation programmes. Our involvement in the Center’s teaching activities creates an opportunity to redefine the coffee scene in Spain, setting new standards of excellence through the training programmes we develop. The Basque Culinary Center’s teaching staff will visit the Lavazza Training Center in Turin to develop the knowledge that they will pass on to their students during the courses. Moreover, Lavazza will play an active role in all the events promoted by BCC as well as the ones celebrated in their facilities such as workshops, premium coffee break and degustation of the different Lavazza coffee ranges, to share the excellence of coffee not only to the future food service decision makers but also to the current ones.

“We firmly believe in the importance of professional training at all levels,” stressed Marcello Arcangeli, Director of the Lavazza Training Center in Turin. “It’s the key to offering consumers the best possible coffee experience.”



The new course of study for students at the Basque Culinary Center focuses on coffee basics in the first year, on its origins in the second, on the various methods of preparation in the third and, lastly, in the fourth and final year, on various areas of specialisation. They include Top Gastronomy, to learn to how to pair haute cuisine dishes with premium coffees, and Coffee Design, which creatively explores coffee in all its possible forms and consistencies, resulting in innovative, surprising recipes. 


This continues our commitment to promoting and spreading coffee culture, not least through the Lavazza Training Center, by drawing on partnerships with academia and the world of haute cuisine. 




The Lavazza Training Center

The Training Center – set up in Turin in 1989 and now operating in over 55 locations around the world – approaches coffee as a cultural element and the subject of ongoing study, as well as representing the largest international training network in this field. The course content is developed in an ongoing dialogue with the universities, research centres and trade associations that form the ecosystem with which the Lavazza Training Center continuously interacts.