A space for People. 

Bright, innovative and flexible

Our headquarters were designed to reject rigid boundaries in favour of an openness that only a company with over 125 years behind it is capable of, and with a lightness of spirit that flies high on the wind of change instead of opposing it.  

Open, contemporary and high-tech

Designed and planned out by Cino Zucchi, the building was constructed to foster an interplay between the inside and the outside, as well as between the different indoor areas: open spaces, meeting rooms, a relaxation room and a gym.


The offices have been equipped with the very best in smart technologies and wireless communication, for a way of living and working that looks to the future. 

Sustainable every day, from its very conception

“The sustainable soul that emerged during the design phase has also been expressed actively, from the time of the move itself, with the donation of our old furniture and furnishings.”


Marco Lavazza, Vice President

Our new headquarters have obtained PLATINUM-level LEED® certification. LEED® — Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design — is the world’s most widely recognized certification for energy and environmental performance of buildings. We adhered closely to its protocol right from the initial phases of construction, with 80% of the rubble created being re-purposed..


The building was designed to maximise our People's comfort, to save energy and to reduce the consumption of drinking water. Every day we come closer to a completely paperless way of working by promoting the practical advantages of digital formats. We also offer solutions supporting sustainable transport for all our employees.


More space for you, even at work 

60% of the building is not used as offices, but rather as a space for openness and sharing. Even the entrance itself is like an indoor piazza, where people can meet before starting their working day.


Our new home is a workplace that does not neglect the pleasures of relaxation and well-being, thanks to its high-quality catering service, gym, cafeteria, and open-air spaces, which can also be used for meetings.



A blend of history and progression, every day

Our Group has deep roots and over 125 years of history but hasn’t finished growing yet. We continue to grow every day thanks to the expertise of our People, who in plotting our course for the future embrace the values of sustainability, respect for the planet and promotion of talent.



A dynamic, collaborative environment

The People in our new headquarters work in a spacious and flexible environment that can adapt to even the most dynamic requirements and whose advanced technologies and top-quality furnishings provide the ideal conditions for high performance.



Attention to every detail

On joining Lavazza, every employee receives a free bag for the gym, where they can use state-of-the-art equipment and where professional trainers are always at hand to explain and guide the various exercises. Outside the offices, there are stands for bikes and also bike-repair equipment. Those who use public transport receive a discount on the cost of season tickets. A special car sharing application allows colleagues to arrange shared car journeys.