Journey in Rwanda


The Ambassador Programme’s first journey was in October 2023, in Rwanda, where some of the world’s finest quality teas are grown. 


For the seven of our people who went on the trip, it was an opportunity to understand the challenges facing the local communities, to get to know their story from close up and actually see the activities involved in our Group’s collaboration programmes, which have made all this possible. 




As the plane starts its descent to Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, our Ambassadors are treated to a panorama that explains why the country is nicknamed the “Land of a thousand hills”. 


Tea plantations


Having explored the city, the group headed by car for the northern regions, where most of the tea is grown. Our Ambassadors – men and women – visited the tea plantations and transformation facilities and even tried their hand at picking the leaves, thus gaining first-hand knowledge of all the processes involved in the supply chain.




The next stage of the journey was a meeting with some farmers taking part in the programmes for local communities funded by our Group.



End of the journey


After visiting some other plantations to fully understand the work involved in tea transformation, the experience culminated in a safari in the Akagera National Park.