The first 200 years of the Egyptian Museum: our collaboration with Turin’s storied museum

14-12-2023 • EVENTS

Ahead of its bicentenary, we have embarked on a collaboration with the Museo Egizio, becoming a partner to the world’s oldest institution dedicated to Egyptian civilization, second only to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo in terms of number of exhibits.


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The café


The association of coffee and museums has become a customary feature of our cultural experience: the presence of a cosy corner in which to enjoy a hot cup of delicious coffee after an exhibition is now a constant pretty much everywhere, enriching the visitor’s experience and making it even more enjoyable. So it was natural for our Group to want to support the Museum – housed in the Collegio dei Nobili building in Turin – with a two-stage project. 2023 has seen the branding of the café that serves La Reserva de ¡Tierra! coffee blends sourced from sustainability and co-operation projects promoted by the Lavazza Foundation. Next year, for the Museum’s bicentenary celebrations, the partnership will support the creation of a new coffee shop in Piazza Egizia, providing specialist consulting on coffee preparation and service. 


The Piazza will be the focal point of major transformations, opening it up to the city and becoming the point of departure for new exhibition paths that feature new rooms and a wealth of cultural insights. It will be a space open to all, shared by the Museum and the city.



The Egyptian Museum restyling project confirms the Museum’s importance not only for the city but also at national and international level. Piazza Egizia will be at the centre of the redevelopment and general refurbishment project, with a new courtyard covered by a steel and glass roof designed by the Rotterdam firm OMA. This space open to everyone will contain the ticket office, the info point, the bookshop and the new coffee shop, developed with the collaboration of our Group, among the first to believe in this ambitious project and also to back it financially.


Actively participating in the transformation of the Egyptian Museum for its bicentenary enables us to further consolidate our ties with Turin and the local area, and to do so in a context that is particularly dear to us. We have always focused on culture and art because of their ability to speak a universal language, bring people together and act as a source of inspiration.