Global Social Business Summit 2022

09-11-2022 • EVENTS

It is held at Nuvola Lavazza the great global appointment for the social business community


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Promote peace, pursue the common good, tackle inequalities. Ambitious goals that require a new three-zero economy: zero poverty, zero unemployment, zero emissions. This is the challenge launched at the 2022 edition of the Global Social Business Summit, the largest meeting of the global social business community that arrives for the first time in Italy, right in our Nuvola Lavazza. The event, promoted by The Grameen Creative Lab and the Yunus Center, brought together around the Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus entrepreneurs, NGOs, universities and companies, with the aim of dialoguing, sharing ideas and inspiring solutions to the socio-environmental challenges of our time, promoting a culture of peace.

  Muhammad Yunus, “the poor’s banker”

Economist, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, Yunus is defined as the “father of micro-credit and social business”. He is the founder of Grameen Bank, the first bank in the world to provide small loans to entrepreneurs too poor to obtain traditional bank loans: a system that has allowed millions of people to escape poverty. In the continuous search for solutions to inequalities, Prof. Yunus has developed over the years a new business model, the Social Business, focused on the pursuit of social goals. The dedication to supporting the economic and social autonomy of people, especially the destitute and marginalized, earned Yunus and the Grameen Bank the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

The meetings


Energy, food, new financing instruments with a social impact, and again technology, sport, but also coffee, public health and the circular economy. Many issues were addressed during the event in Nuvola, to stimulate the debate on the need to tackle the inequalities of our society and promote the common good.
Almost 500 participants from over 50 international organizations from 45 countries took part in the two days of workshops, thematic panels and debates. Our Vice-President Giuseppe Lavazza was present to welcome the Professor Yunus and all the other guests on monday morning at Nuvola Lavazza. In the afternoon he confronted himself in the panel “Learning from the Coffee System: A blooming community working towards SDGs” with the Nobel Prize Yunus, Faris Sheibani and Hans Reitzs, moderated by the journalist Mandeep Rai, discussing about the challenges that the global environmental crisis poses to the coffee sector.

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