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Our Diversity & Inclusion journey continues, with the first level of EDGE certification reached (ASSESS, level 1 out of 3) for Gender Equality in Italy. Awarded to businesses that stand out for their promotion of gender equality and inclusion in the workplace, this certification marks the achievement of the first goal in our Gap Free Manifesto, which is our commitment as a Group towards all our People, for a future without inequality, without barriers and without gaps to close.



“The level 1 of EDGE certification is the first important milestone on our path to creating an increasingly inclusive and truly gap free workplace environment, and it strengthens our determination to maintain this commitment and to reach the upper levels of certification”, said Lucia Pellino, Diversity & Inclusion Director.



The certification


EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) certification is based on a standardized methodology and a global assessment system for Gender Equality in business. The EDGE measurement methods were proposed for the first time in 2011, during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

The assessment system covers all relevant issues around gender equality within a company: gender representation, equal pay, policies to ensure fair career growth, practices to combat all forms of discrimination in the company and to promote diversity.

For companies intending to embark on this journey, the EDGE methodology involves an initial self-assessment phase, followed by an audit before the final certification is issued.



Change is under way


Gap Free, the path we have embarked on in the area of Diversity and Inclusion to promote equal opportunities and recognize the value of diversity, doesn’t stop here. We will continue to pursue our commitment to achieving pay equality within the Group by 2030. We will take further action to empower female leadership by introducing the Ashland Institute’s international CIYO programme. Our stated goal is to have at least 40% women in management positions by 2030.