Ducasse Paris and the Lavazza Group together to launch the new brand “Le Café Alain Ducasse avec 1895 by Lavazza”

21-10-2021 • CORPORATE

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Three years after the opening of La Manufacture de Café Alain Ducasse, the Lavazza Group and the multi-starred chef present together a range of seven fine specialty coffee bean crus.


The birth of a partnership based on common values: know-how, quality, and tradition


The partnership between Alain Ducasse and Giuseppe Lavazza began in 2018, starting from common values: excellence and attention paid to high-quality products, tradition, and know-how, as well as entrepreneurship all link the history of the two companies.


For Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice-President of the Group, “Alain Ducasse is admired worldwide for his universe of tastes, his pioneering and contemporary vision of classic French cuisine. The attention to know-how and quality is a value we share with this craftsman of good living and good food. It is therefore an honour to bring our two brands together with an exceptional new range, rich in flavors and textures”.


The partnership has led to the creation of a special joint venture in a dozen countries and has become reality through the unique launch that brings these two internationally renowned brands together.


“Le Café Alain Ducasse avec 1895 by Lavazza”: a new range of seven coffee bean crus


Alain Ducasse and Giuseppe Lavazza have come up with seven exceptional coffee crus, paying careful attention to the selection of the ingredients. Based on technical specifications and strict controls to ensure that all the criteria of excellence of the two brands are met, each step of coffee production, from the selection of the beans to roasting and the blending of the crus, is driven by this quest for artisanal excellence. Veda Viraswami, coffee roaster at La Manufacture de Café oversees all the steps with his counterpart Cristiano Portis from the Lavazza Group.

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