Coronavirus Emergency - The Lavazza Group Donation.

16-03-2020 • CORPORATE

A 10 million euros boost for projects in Piedmont to support healthcare, schools and those in need.

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In response to the health emergency which has hit the country, the Lavazza Group is offering help to the surrounding area allocating 10 million euros for projects to support healthcare, schools and the needy in the Piedmont Region.


Out of this amount, 6 million euros will be donated to the Coronavirus Emergency Support #IOCISONO fundraising appeal organised by the Piedmont Regional Council, to purchase material necessary to support the healthcare facilities and all the front line staff heavily engaged in dealing with this situation.


A further 3 million euros will be given to the La Stampa – “Specchio dei Tempi” Foundation, an organisation which has taken immediate action in three areas: providing hospitals with new equipment and medical supplies for intensive care and first aid, as well as advanced rapid testing equipment at the “Amedeo di Savoia” Hospital in Turin; issuing free sanitizing kits on request to schools in Turin; delivering basic necessities to the elderly in physical and economic hardship.


1 million euros will also be granted to a variety of groups and associations active in the Piedmont area, to help the weakest and most disadvantaged sections of the population. The Lavazza Group and its entire workforce wish to send a positive signal and show solid commitment in the fervent belief that if everyone pulls together at this time, we can get through the emergency and make Italy shine once again.






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