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Our Group’s 2023 results were announced today.


In 2023, we recorded revenues of €3.1 billion, up 13% on 2022. This was a significant achievement in a challenging macroeconomic landscape marked by a sharp increase in raw material costs. In this inflationary context, our Group chose to limit consumer price increases, absorbing part of the cost increases within its margin.


Our financial strength enabled us to seize major market opportunities, such as the acquisition of French company MaxiCoffee, finalised on March 31, 2023, which helped strengthen our international presence. The French company targets both private individuals and businesses through the company’s e-commerce platform, a network of 60 commercial agencies across France, its Écoles du Café, and its concept stores. 


The acquisition was a pivotal step forward for our Group, underlining our commitment to development through strategic investments


“One of our strengths is our ability to diversify, pursuing a growth strategy that gives us a significant and sustainable presence in various geographical areas and market sectors. We will continue to monitor the international market and look at strategic investments and synergies that can contribute to our long-term development, implementing our competitive capacity and consolidating our presence on global markets”, commented our Group’s CEO, Antonio Baravalle.