Time to care

Initiatives for the well-being of our People

What can we do to improve the quality of life of our People? This question was the starting point for designing an integrated strategy that considered all aspects related to their well-being. Thus took shape “Time to Care”, the Welfare&Wellbeing plan dedicated to our People in Italy. A concrete project that has its roots in the values of our Group for a prosperous, fair and inclusive work environment. 

The adopted methodology

The Welfare&Wellbeing strategy was developed through careful listening to the needs of our People in Italy. We have involved all the employees of the company using the necessary tools and methods of engagement to have a complete picture of their well-being.


We did so with over 1,100 health test sessions in the Capsule, an interactive box developed to analyze in an engaging, simple and thorough way some important parameters related to psychophysical well-being, and with surveys and focus groups to listen to our People in dedicated moments, discussing possible initiatives to set in motion.


Once the data were collected, we analyzed them and structured an intervention plan.

The four pillars on which the plan is built

The well-being of People is the result of a set of different but closely related factors. We looked at them all and defined the 4 basic pillars on which to base our plan.

Our actions

For each pillar, we are developing specific actions for the benefit of our People.

Some examples:

Physical well-being

We have extended the health insurance coverage for our employees, giving them the possibility to include their family members in the protection.

We are developing new tools to extend medical care, such as telemedicine. Working in Nuvola Lavazza also means spending hours in cozy spaces: our house is a place that does not forget the pleasure of well-being, offering People the opportunity to take care of themselves, guided by professional trainers, in a state-of-the-art gym.

Our physical well-being also depends on the food we eat. For this reason, we have taken special care over the culinary offer of our restaurant, so that our People can follow a healthy, balanced and tasty diet.

Emotional well-being

We have extended and made our way of working more flexible by alternating presence in the office and remote work.

Recently, we have also launched a digital journey to support our People in managing the complexity of life and the continuous changes that characterize it.  The "Work-life synergy" helps to develop synergy between the multiple roles that each person plays to achieve greater emotional well-being.

Social well-being

We believe in the importance of socialization activities inside the company and for this reason we organize moments of encounter, cultural exchange and socialization, to encourage the birth of healthy and lasting relationships.

We involve collaborators in volunteering projects: because helping others is also good for ourselves.

Financial well-being

At a time of great economic uncertainty, we have worked with our People to help them face the increasing cost of living through dedicated support for energy expenditure and fuel vouchers.

We have a dense network of corporate conventions, which offer preferential prices on products and services of various kinds. We promote sustainable mobility, for example with carpooling activities and offering our People the opportunity to buy season tickets for public transport in Turin at a reduced rate.

The plan is constantly evolving in terms of its themes and geographies and will continue to be enriched over time, always starting from listening to our People.