Our Roots

Digital archive stories to explore our history

Over 125 years dedicated to the research and processing of the best raw materials. It is our story, that of a company with a great passion: coffee. And as in all the most exciting stories, passion is the real protagonist.


Precious documents and testimonies kept in our Archive help us to tell it: a set of knowledge that today encapsulates our Roots.


Let the journey begin.

Present, past and future of a business story

Emotions, obstacles and leaps into the future: their narrator is our President Alberto Lavazza in an open dialogue with the journalist Federico Buffa. 


Listening to them means getting in touch with the passion, the entrepreneurial spirit and the innovative drive of our founder, Luigi Lavazza, with the many stories around our coffee, with our history.

The Historical Archive preserves and enhances the heritage linked to the history of our company and the culture of coffee, through a story between past, present and future.

Thanks to the continuous work of research, collection, cataloguing and digitalization of Promemoria, we have thus made available to all a historical heritage that wants to be the starting point for and pivotal in the dissemination of an entrepreneurial culture devoted to innovation.


The author’s stories

A journey through digital narrative paths, which, with images and vintage material, tell the story of the Group and that of our country. Stories that retrace the key moments in the development of our company, but also the innovative contributions and cultural events resulting from over a century of work. A creative adventure, all to be lived.