The 2021 results are a historic milestone for the Group, and represent a starting point from which to tackle a year that promises to be particularly complex and challenging.


During the 2021 financial year, the Lavazza Group achieved revenues of over €2.3 billion and generated operating cash flow in the amount of €203 million.


These excellent economic and financial results are in addition to the strengthening of the company’s international presence, particularly through the Joint Venture with Yum China for the opening of Lavazza coffee shops in that country.

Business Highlights
<p style="color:#0a2d4b; text-align:center">Revenues of € 2.308 billion in 2021</p> +

Revenues of € 2.308 billion in 2021

In 2021 we achieved turnover of € 2.308 billion, with key financial indicators on the rise and a positive channel and product mix.

<p style="color:#0a2d4b">EBITDA standing at € 312 million</p> +

EBITDA standing at € 312 million

Group EBITDA stands at € 312 million versus 253 million in 2020 (+23.3%), with an EBITDA margin of 13.5% versus 12.1% in 2020.

<p style="color:#0a2d4b">Net profit totalling € 105 million<p> +

Net profit totalling € 105 million

Net profit of € 105 million is up 44% on 73 million last year.

<p style="color:#0a2d4b">Net financial position positive at € 283 million<p> +

Net financial position positive at € 283 million

Confirming the Group’s operating performance, the Net Financial Position is a positive € 283 million.

<p style="color:#0a2d4b">Operating cash flow of € 203 million</p> +

Operating cash flow of € 203 million

Cash flow generation in 2021 of € 203 million, an improvement on 2020 (125 million).

Segments and channels.

Although the economic and social situation continues to demonstrate elements of complexity, the Group has enjoyed a positive mix of channels and products thanks to a significant uptake in turnover in the Away From Home channel, which is recovering from the impact of Covid-19 on businesses, and the turnover in the still-growing Home channel. The Beans market was particularly dynamic, with an +8.5% increase in sell-out compared to 2020; in this segment, Lavazza’s growth stood at 16.9%. In the increasingly competitive Single Serve segment, the Group has continued its plan to launch aluminium coffee capsules with zero-CO₂ impact.

Strengthening of international presence.

Overall, the Group recorded positive sales growth rates in all markets, both mature ones, such as Italy and France, and expanding markets such as North America and Germany. The partnership with YUM China has been strengthened and extended to include product distribution. The Joint Venture aims to open 1,000 Lavazza coffee shops in China by 2025.

Sustainability, present and future.

Lavazza’s efforts throughout its value chain continue with the “Sustainable Packaging Roadmap”, the goal of which is to make the entire range of packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. This process is guided by Lavazza’s Sustainable By Design approach, which aims to ensure that materials are used as responsibly and efficiently as possible in accordance with the principles of eco-design.

Where we are

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