Sustainability and change

We at the Lavazza Group have embarked on a project of taking responsibility for our goal of sustainable development, implementing strategies at every stage of the manufacturing process that require the involvement of all parties. 

For us, sustainability is the manifestation of a shared commitment that must be supported by innovation, resulting in the creation of enduring, long-term value. We see growth as progress along the path that leads to equality, a progress that must take into account the specific features of different operating contexts, valuing them and turning them to its advantage. This commitment is clear from our 2018 Sustainability Report and involves our participation in initiatives like the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and the UN’s 17 Sustainability Goals, for which we act as an ambassador, as well as adherence to the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development and the UN’s Global Compact.


The all-encompassing nature of this commitment demands the involvement of all players in the supply chain: coffee-producing communities, suppliers, customers and the people of the Lavazza Group are at the heart of our activities. As a Group, we are one of the founding members of Coffee&Climate, an initiative dedicated to studying the impact of climate change on coffee crops and to developing technical tools to counter it. The programme was launched in 2010, with the aim of involving 80,000 coffee producers by the end of 2019. 


In 2004, Lavazza launched the Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to plan and implement international projects to support coffee-growing communities in producer countries, to take action against the effects of climate change, and to promote good agricultural practices. 


The remarkable results we have achieved testify to the benefits of our way of doing business, as we experience steady growth in emerging coffee markets and in the most dynamic sectors.


Thanks to our subsidiaries and network of distributors, who specialise in channels dedicated to the domestic and catering sectors, we enjoy a dominant market position and are able to satisfy consumers’ needs, offering our end customers a wide and varied product range. This completes the evolutionary path that leads from the original family-run company to the global Group of today, with the Lavazza brand and its legacy of firmly entrenched values still at its helm.

The Group

The Group was born out of an unwavering dedication to innovation, the hallmark of Lavazza, and the need to act on a global level. Investments in the industrial area have made the Group more efficient, more flexible and swifter in responding to a constantly evolving market.


Sustainability and change

The dedication shared by all the Brands that make up the Group, powered by innovation, results in value creation that benefits all the players in the supply chain: coffee-producing communities, suppliers, customers and the people of the Lavazza Group.